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Florida Probate Litigation

Probate litigation often involves a will contest. Probate litigation is also a term used to describe a challenge to trust because trust disputes in Florida are litigated in the probate court.  Probate litigation, trust contests, and Florida will contest are some of the most hotly-contested areas of the law, used by surviving family members to correct an array of injustices.

Probate litigation is a broad concept that may include challenging:

  1. the validity of a Last Will and Testament;
  2. a provision within the Last Will and Testament;
  3. the terms of a Trust;
  4. the validity of a person’s other estate planning documents;
  5. the appointment of a personal representative (known in some states as an “executor”);
  6. the actions of a personal representative; or
  7. an elective share.

Our law firm concentrates its practice on Florida probate litigation.  Visit our website for a detailed reference on most probate and trust litigation topics.


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