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Are probate records public? What is included in probate records? How can I access probate records? These are all common questions that people have concerning probate. Our Fort Lauderdale probate team provides answers to these questions and more! Continue reading.

How Does Someone Access Probate Documents?

First, it is important to note that probate records are indeed public. These documents become a part of the public record upon filing with the court. However, depending on the probate court and jurisdiction, there may be varying levels of accessibility.

What Information Is Included in the Probate Records?

A probate record includes any document the court created and any document submitted to the court. These generally include:

  • The petition for probate
  • The will
  • Estate inventories
  • Letters testamentary or letters of administration
  • A final accounting

How Can I Keep Probate Records Private?

Unfortunately, once someone dies whose estate must be probated, there is almost nothing that can keep those probate documents from becoming part of the public record.

In the rarest of cases, a probate judge can seal a probate record if they find a compelling reason to do so (like when an Oklahoma judge thought the probate record might unfairly prejudice a jury against a defendant who was being tried for his father's murder). It seldom happens, and it's not something to rely on.

How Can I Access Probate Records?

To access probate records, you may need to visit the probate court in the jurisdiction where the individual passed away. Alternatively, some probate records may also be available online through the probate court's website or a third-party website.

Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A. Can Assist You Through the Probate Process

Our Fort Lauderdale probate team can assist in navigating the probate process, including accessing and reviewing probate records. Contact us for more information about our probate services. Remember, probate records are public documents and can provide important information about an individual's estate. Contact us for more information.

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