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Florida trust disputes can take many forms.  Below are some examples of causes of action that fall under the broader category “Fl Trust Dispute:”

  • Accounting – if a beneficiary has received inadequate or insufficient information from a trustee, the beneficiary may need to formally demand an accounting to compel compliance.
  • Removal – if a trustee has acted inappropriately and needs to be removed from the position of trustee, a beneficiary may seek to have the court remove the trustee.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – if a trustee has engaged in conduct that violates his duties to the beneficiaries, a beneficiary may sue the trustee for breach, which is a cause of action for money damages.
  • Trust Modification – if a beneficiary believes there is a mistake in the trust or that the person who made the trust did not adequately anticipate the beneficiary’s current needs, he may seek assistance – either through the courts or outside of the courts – in changing the terms and provisions of the trust.
  • Trust Termination – if the beneficiaries of a trust believe that the trust’s primary purposes have been fulfilled (e.g. to educate a certain class of beneficiaries), they may seek to have the trust terminated and the balance of the trust funds distributed to the beneficiaries.
  • Undue Influence/Lack of Capacity – like a Will Contest, if an interested person believes that a trust document was created as the result of undue influence or lack of capacity, he may bring a cause of action challenging the validity of the trust document or parts of the trust document.

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